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Precison machining
Hand crafted quality
The Flip Style Key
One button to open. One button to close.
The Switchkey is a push button activated, spring powered flip style fob with a replaceable key blade. It is meant to house your key within the handle, protecting the fine grooves of the key, from wearing down and becoming unusable. It provides great leverage while turning deadbolts and stubborn locks, and it provides a novel approach to making an entry, starting your machines, or just satisfying a curiosity.

The Switchkey is made to be as simple as possible, With as few moving parts as necessary, and well calculated tolerances to allow for daily use. The materials selected have been tested over and over to ensure optimal durability and continued use for as long as possible.

The removable key design was imperative to the Switchkey to ensure it keeps pace with a changing world, a change of vehicles, or simply a change of locks.

What ever your reason for wanting to discover the Switchkey, I can promise, you won't be disappointed.
Made to last a lifetime
Designed, engineered, and manufactured in Niagara Falls Canada
"Design is not what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works."
Steve Jobs
"Switchkey" and the "SK" logo are trademarks of D.B.Kennedy Copyright 2007-2021
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