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Zodiac Codes Deciphered
The solved Z32 Bus Bomb and Z13 Name Codes

Finally, an easy to read explanation that leads you to solve and answer the most daunting questions in crime history. "Who was the Zodiac Killer? Where did he plant the bus bomb? -And where is he today?"
This three part series is the work of Niagara   Falls native Don B Kennedy, and offers a cut to the chase explanation, leaving out the fluff and filler of other claimers. A mostly spur of the moment, hand written document (type font provided) by someone who stumbled upon something they wish they didn't.
-Unlike most attempts at these codes, Don Kennedy's decipher came accidentally as he worked away at his desk. Unfamiliar with the Zodiac case, he wasn't paying much attention to a ten year old re-run that had come on TV in the background. (09 July 2019). It wasn't until he turned around in time to spot a segment of the Killers cipher on the screen that he immediately began to spot words and form chilling sentences.
Using no computers, no fancy mathematical formulas and no magic tricks, Don Kennedy was able to read the Bus Bomb code in under 10 minutes, backing it up with the Zodiacs own map. Using his own hand written instructions Don Kennedy was able to teach several close confidants to fully decipher and understand the code. Having been so convinced of the translation, two highly enthused individuals consented to sign off as witnesses to the official decipher.
But the mystery didn't stop there. After feeling confident that he was able to read the Bus Bomb code Don Kennedy went in search of other Zodiac ramblings.
"The Name Code", series two of this three part series has Don Kennedy showing you how to stare down the killers name for the first time in 50 years. After unlocking the name code, there was only one thing left to do.
"I found him" the third and final set of documents to be released that show new evidence and make bone shivering connections. Please note, this document may be subject to black out.
"Switchkey" and the "SK" logo are trademarks of D.B.Kennedy Copyright 2007-2019
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