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The King of  Keychains
A clever little device that announces your entry with a bang.

The Switchkey is a unique little product, a thoughtful gift, and an instant conversation starter. Odds are this may be your first timing seeing it, odds are your friends never have.

With an interesting array of styles, find the Switchkey that works best for you. You can use it on house locks, RV's, automobiles, motorcycles and just about anything else that uses a standard key. Switchkey, your other keys will be jealous, but they can still tag along thanks to a convenient loop that hangs without obstruction to the side.

Have a look around as I am always coming up with new ideas. Show your support by displaying the Switchkey trademarks. Or sit and dream about what to add to your wish list.

Future Developments
The Switchkey is always evolving,
The glimmering brushed aluminum is indeed a beautiful finish, but there comes a time when one needs to add a touch of colour, or in this case, the removal of such.
The next enhancement for the Switchkey line will be the addition of an anodized finish. The anodizing process adds an extra measure of protection with a scratch proofing hardness and dent resistant surface. Thanks to advancements in modern anodizing techniques the Switchkey will soon be available in a wide ray of popular colours.
Quality craftsmenship
Lifetime gaurantee
"Quality is never an accident"
John Ruskin
"Switchkey" and the "SK" logo are trademarks of D.B.Kennedy Copyright 2007-2019
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