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Delightfully small
Surprizingly powerful
The Switchkey
Spring deployed, button activated, automatic key fob
Only the best materials are used to make a Switchkey. Aluminum was chosen over other materials for it's strength, versatility, and glistening shine. The springs are all wound from high strength steel and triple heat treated to ensure for constant tension. The Switchkey is a mechanical device, which contains no plastics.

It operates while being held in the right hand, keeping clear of the side opening action, (similar to folding knives). It fires when the button is depressed with the thumb, and collapses when the same button is pushed down again. The key is then folded down manually with the index and middle fingers under spring tension and is secured in the ready position when the button clicks back home.
Made to last a lifetime
Designed, engineered, and manufactured in Niagara Falls Canada
Key selection
Here are the most common types of house keys.

The Switchkey can accommodate a large variety of keys. It incorporates a changeable key blade design so you can swap out one for another. It does not impede on the overall function of door locks, and its positive lock system ensures true control when locking and unlocking door and dead bolts.

If by chance you do not see your key listed, feel free to contact me with the form provided and I will be happy to explore the options with you.
"Design is not what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works."
Steve Jobs
Switchkey assembly
Creating a monster

If you've ever changed a battery in something then you should be mechanically inclined enough to change your own key blade should the need or situation arise. Shown is the same method I use to assemble every Switchkey, and is the same method used to change the key out. If you have any problems during this procedure feel free to contact me for assistance.
It is important to note that the components of the Switchkey are small in size, an organized work space is recommended as to not loose the parts.
For assembly I use a number 56 Allen wrench to undo the fasteners and to set the main spring.
The Switchkey should never need lubricant, but it is important to keep the moving components free of excessive grit and sand. If the Switchkey should fail to fire, check the condition of the moving components, check to ensure spring tension. If these obstructions are clear, feel free to contact me for further assistance.
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