Casper - The Switchkey

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Spring fired, button activated, automatic key fob.

The Casper was a challenging endevor, like most supernatureals, it was hard to get a hold on.

The Casper features the same button lock design that both fire’s the key to open, and collapses the key to close found on the Talon and Apollo modles.
It’s hand brushed aluminum finish is as strong as it is sexy, and the compact slim design manages to pack a punch at just a quarter inch thick.

The high torque main spring provides an exciting experience when you’re ready to make an entrance, or lock it up for the evening.

The Switchkey was designed to be a keepsake, so the key itself was designed to be replaceable. It comes completely assembled with the blank key of your choosing. Simply take your Switchkey to your trusted lock and key service for duplicating the same way you would a regular key.

The Switchkey Casper is priced at one hundred and fifty dollars ($150.00) with a delivery charge of fifteen dollars ($15.00) added upon check out. All parcels are shipped tracked packet to the USA and Canada. A tracking number will be provided to you once it has been shipped. International orders please inquire for the best possible shipping prices. All prices are in US dollars. All transactions are conducted and secured through PayPal
Select your key type
Your key can be identified by matching it with the ones listed. Likewise your key will have a number / letter combo stamped on the head.
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