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Every Switchkey starts off with good intentions, but now and then some just don't make the cut.

So to breath new live into old parts i’ve decided to turn these dead, useless off cuts, into full functioning fridge magnets! 


...hey, everyone needs a fridge magnet

awe yes, the “insert” -as to what i call it...a pain in the ass to hold is what it is...this little doodad is responsible for ALL the magic within the Switchkey, and from time to time these little devils just don’t like to stay seated during their hair cut,


a crying shame...cryn - really i cry - each and every time one of these little beauties comes flying at me at 50 mph cuz it didn’t stay held...

such a waste of time, and material, and...my blood from the cuts they give me...little friggen shards of aluminum all lodged under my finger nails and shit like damn....i don’t even know ‘bout the health effex of soo much injected aluminum into my blood steam like...can’t be good y’all.