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Good day, my name is Donny Kennedy and I am the creator of the Switchkey, flip style key fob. For the past several years I have been consolidating my efforts towards a device which was unique and exquisite, sleek and stylish, useful and playful. The Switchkey was born from an idea stretching from the automotive industries advent of a flip style key fob, loving this tiny contraption lead me to developing a model and a brand which could be used for any application.

Limitless combinations of car, home, and office, padlocks, deadbolts and motorcycles could now have something as unique to them as the possessions they keep safe.

The Switchkey is a versatile unit. With a patentable industrial design which allows for thousands of styles of keys to be able to share the same handle, changing from car key to house key, from house key to padlock key while retaining the original keep sake unit.

Everyone has a key to something special; why not make that key special too?  The intrinsic value of the Switchkey is immeasurable, there has yet to be a similar product on the market today with the thousand or so units I've made and deliver me have yet to have a request for a refund.

It keeps the key safe.

Bouncing around in your pocket with loose change and other items wears the soft brass that keys are made of down to a useless nub; the key within the Switchkey is protected by the housing, maintaining its grooves and edges to ensure its usability.

Leverage for ease of opening

For years now I’ve been using the Switchkey it almost seems odd when I use a regular one. Closed, the Switchkey is as long as the everyday house key. Open, the Switchkey is now literally twice as long with three times more gripping area then the head of a standard make. It is simply easier.