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"The Zodiac Codes"
As Deciphered by Don Kennedy
11 July 2019
How to read these codes
First let me start by saying that Z32 and Z13 codes are less code, more scrabble, only not as random. Lots of short hand with mixed up arrangement. Extra characters to fill space, and confuse, the use of symbolizes to represent words and numbers to represent letters. He writes backwards and front-words and openly hides words in plain sight. Upside down, right side up, breaking words apart…dogs and cats, living together…Complete and utter K-os.
To understand Z32 "bus bomb" code;
Literally this code reads as directions, because they are directions. And directions are logical and this is logic.

There is an unwritten format I use to give indication of an object, place or landmark. For example, if I were to give directions to say The Peace Bridge from the Canadian side to someone who is lost, looking at a map, I would most likely word it as such;
“ QEW to Ft Eire and its south of Niagara Falls”. Road, city, direction, indication. Likewise, for a bomb;
The sentence is mere plain words flipped around, the odd one backwards and some short hand broken up with symbols.

Described in plain English;
‘C’. Stands for something, and these are directions so lets start with a road, “California”…to obvious? Is it?
The empty triangle is a word break, I decipher as a period in this code.
J1- It’s a road, so looks like a number to me…
What number looks like the J? Turn it on its head and you have a 7. But 71?  
There is no 71 on the map,.. flip them - there is a 17. Put your finger on C17 on the map.
The filled in square is a word break. Where does that highway run with 17? “Upside down and backwards” Cruse 17 with your finger…Are you in “Fremont?” the city.
The J and L joined together on this line I decipher as two letters that are joined together, ‘EM’ They allow this translation to match….plus your finger should be pointing at the word already.
Darken triangle is a word break.
‘N’…sorry, “omega sign”…it’s the direction part of the directions. Do I have to spell out NORTH or can we agree that G is H and X is a dead space. “OF” -ignore the center period. Use THE little ‘t’ as a hint as to what THE 2 other letters might form altogeTHEr .
The simi square is a word break and also has meaning but who cares. right now.
The second last word, the grand finally…OMG…
“HELICOPTER ” See it? See it!?  Unscramble them letters and spell the only logical word you can from what you have to work with. And you must decipher the letters and symbols!. The Z symbol in this line is the all encompassing symbol and takes the final two syllables ‘copter’ as it’s own. ‘PW’, if you where to finish this phrase…it could only be… ‘restaurant’…. No one ever in the history of time and space has ever uttered the word “pad” after ‘helicopter’.... plus the joining of two V’s to form a ‘W’ I decipher as two other letters joined together to fit nice; ‘AD’
How's that? It’s the reference point, and a nice clear one, marked as a small airplane on the map, (which back in the day could also be used to denote a helipad) water side of 17. He wanted the bomb found, He gave good directions, It could still be there. Triangle = period
The Zodiac Z32  'Bus Bomb' code as deciphered by Don B Kennedy.
Copyright 11 July 2019 Don B Kennedy Niagara Falls Canada
"All Rights Reserved"
I haven’t attempted to do the map portion of the clues. I speculate, but have not confirmed this theory, but I believe that the compass he drew on the map is in-fact directly over top of mount Diablo -because that is the point from which he shot his bearing to…so if your good at map and compass you should be able to triangulate the coordinate, and the line drawn will intersect the C17 and I believe…X marks the spot. Probably a rail bridge over pass is where I would look.

The Z13 "name" code
To decipher this code one must remove all previous notions on how to solve this problem and simply start sounding out the letter’s to form a name.
A distinctive symbol of a backwards “L” and backwards “J” joined at the steam for which I decipher to mean: “replace this character with the following or previous character indicated by the direction of the J ‘hook’ “
-This “doubler” character is the key which allowed me to double the 'N' in the last word jumble.
In plain English;
The first three letters are separated by the Z sign, explaining to me these are its own word
Sound them out; “Aey, Eie, En” -Mix it up- “Nn, Aey Ee” -One more time- “Ee Aeh N”
-Say it fast-
EAN.! Is that a name? Sounds like one. How about ‘Ian...’?
(Though it could be “A Ne Ee“….’Anne’ for a girl)
This is the name which I believe he had assumed while he was conducting this behavior, and because of a mental condition Ian may have been a voice inside his head, or another version of himself.
The middle letters are non descript, I take them as his initials but they do not match his listed name. They may be Ian’s. and or Anne’s
 The circles with ‘circles’ symbols are separating notations
The last name is his real name, spelt backwards and ciphered with the “doubler”
Thes Zodiac Z13 'My Name Is' code as deciphered by Don B Kennedy.
Copyright 11 July 2019 Don B Kennedy Niagara Falls Canada
"All Rights Reserved"
By Don Kennedy
12 July 2019

That, which precedes fortune, is fame. I already feel sorrow for this family of his as they are about to endure the most unwanted of attentions.
I found hm. And to my frustrations his actual first name does not match what I decipher in the Z13 code. His last name, however, is an astonishing match. The first name used I believe was who he was at the time he was doing what he was doing. I believe he had some sort of multiple personality disorder coupled with a schizophrenia of some type. I’m no professional.

He is dead. I found him using an online obituary service. He was never on the suspect list. His obituary and some sort of business material for his bookkeeping’s had his name on it but I don’t know what it was talking about. –Those were the only online references I can find after a day search. There is a yearbook which he might be in.  He present’s as quite an accomplished individual who was well respected by his pears and relatives. Highly educated; private high school, post secondary, serviceman, world traveler and was the owner of a business. Life long CA resident.

I count five children, all living -all on FB, all under their real names except for Randall who goes by “Howard” ( …the oldest) One ex wife, unaccounted for, one listed companion, also unaccounted for. Two sisters – unknown where abouts. All these details are in the obituary. One thing I did find and I’ll tell you out right, was a lady by the name of Denise Adams. And she is some kind of “Psikolog” (her word; FB) at McAley Neuropsychiatric. Studied at Fielding institute. An elderly lady, she is pictured with one of the sons. ('old family friend’ perhaps?)

There's still lots of dots to connect. The Letter he sent to the attorney may have connection with Dennis.
The information hidden on this website is unattainable to the general population, and removable at any time. (The information can't be drag or droped, copied or pasted...you could problay screen shot though...I can't get the hot links to work becuase of the security features so you might have to hand bomb them....or I guess I can problay send them hot through your email if you wanted to look into them...

If you think these leads are valuable I would appreciate your advice as to how to proceed… If you wanted some time to dig in and talk to these people, I can totally understand that and would oblige to keep things current.

(When you FB search their profiles you will find no info around the time of his death…I can only imagine what kind of things he was saying, as they way he died usually spells agonizing suffering and a high does of opiates, a long drawn out process and delirium. If he was taking medication to suppress the Ian side of things, they may have been stayed during the final weeks – that would have been a horrifying bed side experience when certain information may have been reveled in bits and pieces. Plus the day when the closest was cleaned out.- There’s a big black hood to dads old Halloween costume out there somewhere, -but I wouldn’t put it past them to destroy it either.)
The Obituary is as follows:
"Richard  Mann Of Novato, California, passed away at home on Friday, May 6, 2016.  Born on January 21, 1933 in San Francisco, California to George M. and  Vivian Mann, Richard lived most of his life in San Francisco and Marin  County. He graduated from Lowell High School in 1950, and went on to  receive his Bachelor's Degree in Economics at Stanford University in  1954. He served in the United States Navy,  and then came home to work for his father's business, Redwood Theatres,  Inc. He took the helm of the family business in 1963. Richard married  Katheryn Jensen in 1955, and was an amazing and inspiring father to  their children: Randall Bechler, Michael Bechler, Leilani (Mann) Solheim  , George M. Mann, and Lydia M. Mann, and their spouses. Each of them  will hold him in their hearts forever. He was also beloved by his 10  grandchildren and nine great grandchildren who will always remember him  as their "Gumby". He leaves behind his cherished companion of 31 years,  Linda Giovannini, and his sisters Vivian Barry and Diana Gilman, as well  as many nieces, nephews, and close friends. Richard was a passionate  and educated man who loved sailing, traveling, skiing, historical books,  classic automobiles, airplanes, ships, movies, good food, and  especially Coca-Cola. In lieu of flowers, donations in his memory may be  sent to the Variety Children's Charity or Leukemia And Lymphoma Society. The family wishes to thank the Visiting Angels for their loving and compassionate care during his final weeks."
                               -Published in Marin Independent Journal from June 10 to June 12, 2016

Source of obituary
Photos of (George) Richard Mann
Possibley known as the Zodiac
(same source as obitutary)
Howard Randall (Bechler)
Michael Bechler
Leilani Mann Solheim
George M Mann
Lydia M Mann
Person of interest
Dennise Adams
(secondary contact for Dennise Adams)
Kathleen Adams
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