Maker of fine keys

We produce the world's finest, coolest, flip style house key-chains from a variety of quality materials. CNC machined, then finished and assembled by hand entirely in Niagara Falls Canada. Our sleek designer models are an interesting novelty piece that's sure to impress the gadget lover in all of you.


It counts for something.

Each Switchkey passes through a rigorous inspection process to ensure each one is perfect before it leaves our hands. Function tests, fit and finish, along with it's visual appeal are all assessed for quality... not all keys make the cut.

Switchkey MFG Co.

What hides within?

Whatever holds true to your heart...

The Switchkey is the best made key to anything you hold or hide near. With the unique feature of being able to switch keyblades and still keep your original handle, changing locks or moving about doesn't mean you leave your Switchkey behind, its designed to be with you forever.